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Employment at WCMU

Maintenance Engineer

Description: Maintenance Engineer
Department: Public Broadcasting
Supervisor: Director of Technical Services
Supervision over: Exercises supervision over lower ranked engineering employees and students who operate technical broadcast equipment.
Employee Group: BR-3

Responsible for installation, repair, and preventive maintenance of University-owned broadcast apparatus as well as occasional engineering support for CMU video and audio production activities.

Functions under the general supervision from the Director of Technical Services; additionally receives daily work supervision by the Maintenance Supervisor and Transmission Supervisor.

* Education equivalent to 2 years of broadcast related maintenance and repair training at the college or trade
school level.
* At least 3years regular broadcast repair experience.
* Possession of a valid general class FCC Radiotelephone Operator’s License, valid SBE
Certification, or equivalent knowledge and/or experience required.
* Possession of a valid Michigan Driver’s License
* Considerable travel plus weekend and night work required.

* Experience in both Radio and Television Broadcast Systems, Electrical Power Distribution Systems, Air Conditioning Systems, Fiber Optics, Remote Control Systems, IT Network Infrastructure, and Plumbing Systems typically deployed for transmission equipment cooling.
* Demonstrated ability to apply technical knowledge to the maintenance and repair of current state of the art broadcast equipment, both analog and digital, at the component level.
* Ability to maintain positive interpersonal relationships with students, faculty, visitors, and work associates.
* Hands-on proficiency at the operational and support levels for all types of IP based broadcast systems.
* Ability to design, install, and perform the necessary maintenance on, digital, analog, audio, video, RF, network systems and data technologies with extremely strong trouble-shooting skills.
* Strong computer and networking skills with a good understanding of various and current operating systems, networking, and software applications.
* Proficiency in basic computer AutoCAD or an equivalent drafting and print workup software package.
* Familiarity with applicable SMPTE, IEEE, ATSC and ITU standards and the standards bodies’ processes.


- Responsible for maintaining and providing a high degree of proficiency in the maintenance of digital television plus analog and digital radio transmission systems, networking equipment, digital video and audio systems, computers, STL and TSL systems, plus uplink & downlink satellite systems.

- Responsible for maintaining a high degree of proficiency in the operation of television and radio broadcast equipment within parameters rigidly established by the FCC and FAA.

- Considerable travel plus weekend and night work will be required.

65% effort evaluating systems in place to ensure their correct performance in supplying RF broadcast of multicast television plus analog and HD radio broadcast. Provide firmware upgrades, software updates, and repairs to various RF systems; this includes such equipment as computers, managed Ethernet switches, HD radio and television transmitters, generators, ATS switches, UPS systems, and various test and monitoring equipment items. Work with other departments, supervisors, and equipment vendors to solve broadcast issues and/or problems with CMU’s various interconnected systems.

20 % effort assisting transmission supervisor in maintaining and upgrading software and firmware, video 7 GHz and IP based fiber optic STL’s and TSL’s, plus 950 MHz digital aural STL/TSL systems; this to include the Ethernet links established on them. Program and update remote control systems to ensure FCC compliance with transmitter control.

10 % effort assisting transmission supervisor in the construction, maintenance, and preventative maintenance activities for all television and radio RF transmission systems within parameters rigidly established by the FCC and FAA. Travel, weekend, and night work will be required.

5% effort supporting CMU audio or video productions plus automation, server, storage, and playback systems.

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Volunteers are needed to help during fundraisers and other station activities. If you would like to answer phones during our radio or television pledge drives, contact Sharon Periard at 989-774-1367.

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