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Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Annual Public File Reports
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WCMU 2017 Local Content and Service Reports to the Community
Local Content and Service Report 2017
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Our FCC Public Files are available for viewing during regular business hours: Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm at WCMU Public Media, 1999 East Campus Drive, Mt Pleasant, Michigan. No prior appointment is necessary to view the Public File. We do ask, however, that you provide us with your name and local address prior to viewing the file.

Because the File contains a number of sections, a WCMU Staff Member will assist you by removing the items from the File you wish to view. Only one section at a time will be allowed to be removed from the Public File. A place to view the File will be made available.

Photocopies of all materials in the Public File are available. Each single-sided copied page costs five cents ($.05). Photocopies requested will be available for pickup within five (5) business days, or WCMU will mail them to you, provided you pay the postage. Payment for all copies must be made at the time of pickup or prior to mailing.

A copy of the publication The Public and Broadcasting is available at no charge to guide you in your examination of our Public File.


View the WCMU-TV Public File Online

For more information about the FCC Public Inspection File (PIF) requirement, please visit http://www.fcc.gov/eb/broadcast/pif.html

Additional Documents
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