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Meet the Candidates is an election year series produced by WCMU Public Television. David Nicholas introduces viewers to those seeking office in Michigan’s Congressional Districts and State House of Representatives.

Be sure to cast your vote and then join WCMU Public Television and WCMU Public Radio News for the most in-depth coverage of Election 2020, Tuesday, November 3 beginning at 8 pm.

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Meet The Candidates 2020 Air Dates

Sunday, October 18

12:30 pm Dan O’Neill (D-104) - John Roth (R-104)
1:00 pm Sarah Schultz (D-98) - Rep. Annette Glenn (R-98)
1:30 pm Beth McGill-Rizer (D-101) - Jonathan Burke (D-105)
2:00 pm Jim Page (D-107) - John Damoose (R-107)
2:30 pm Cong. John Moolenaar (R-US 4) - Jerry Hilliard (D-US 4)

Sunday, October 25

12:30 pm Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) - Valerie Willis (US Tax-US Sen)
1:00 pm Cong. Dan Kildee (D-US 5) - Kathy Goodwin (Working Class-US 5)
1:30 pm Muhammad Salman Rais (D-93) - Rep. Graham Filler (R-93)
2:00 pm John Zang (D-99) -Rep. Roger Hauck (R-99)
2:30 pm Rep. Brian Elder (D-96) - Dana Ferguson (D-US 1)

Sunday, November 1

12:30 pm Jean-Michel Creviere (Grn-US 2) - Max Riekse (Lib-US 2)
1:00 pm Patrick Wood (D-84) - Rep Phil Green (R-84)
1:30 pm Celia Young-Wenkel (D-97) - Karen Garvey (D-70)
2:00 pm Amy Slepr (Green-US 4) (D-97) - Charlotte Demaet (R-95)
2:30 pm Jason Crum (Lib) 104 - Melissa Noelle Lambert (Grn) 99

3:00 pm Sandy Clarke (D-100) - Rep. Scott VanSingel (R-100)
3:30 pm Rep. Daire Rendon (R-103)

Contact the Producer / Host:

David Nicholas

Phone (989) 774-3105