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Men In America Series on All Things Considered

What does it mean to be a man in America today?

This summer, All Things Considered explores that question through a combination of reporter pieces, show interviews, commentaries, and listener call-outs. There’s a “cradle-to-grave” framework: June focuses on how boys learn to be men (education and development); July focuses on the issues of young adults (identity and defining masculinity); in August the focus is on the issues of full Adulthood (work and homelife).

The series runs through the first week in September.

Part Two (July): Identity & Masculinity – Early Adulthood

Week of July 21

Men’s Health
Men are more vulnerable, genetically and because they don't seek treatment as much as women. NPR’s Rob Stein delves into the state of Men's Health, how stereotypes about masculinity play into it, and what today's boys face as they grow into manhood.

Artifacts 2
The second callout for the object, thing, or gadget that having made you feel like you were “a man” and why.

Men and Cars
NPR’s Sonari Glinton profiles three generations of mechanics in Chicago.

Immigrant Fathers and Sons
Navigating manhood between generations is hard enough in one culture, but what's it like when your father is an immigrant and you were born in the U.S.? NPR’s Code Switch reports.

Hollywood Dictates Masculinity
NPR’s Bob Mondello goes “big picture” about masculinity on the big screen.

Movies that Make Men Cry
Listener callout to share the movies -- and scenes -- that get them or the men in their lives reaching for the Kleenex or at least rubbing their eyes.

Being a Black Man in the Age of Obama
NPR’s Sam Sanders puts the question to African-American males in L.A.: What does it mean to be a black man in the age of Obama? It's not just juggling what it means to be a man, it's looking to the highest possibilities while casting an eye behind you, mindful of what happened to Trayvon Martin.

A Man, And An Ex-Con
Former prisoner Emanuel Price is the director of SCAFE (Second Chances Are for Everyone). In addition to providing re-entry resources in job training, helping with life skills and mentorship to former prisoners, the organization specifically addresses the question of masculinity in their monthly meet ups, which are now open to women. Deena Prichep reports.

Self-Narrated Commentary
Elliot Ackerman, writer and former Marine, talks about the moment that made him realize what it really takes to make a man.

Artifacts Three
Another listener callout for the gadgets, objects or things that you have you know make you “a man.” 

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