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Program Highlights
The Colors Series
Airs in late August across newsmagazines and at
NPR's Arts & Entertainment and Science Desks collaborate to examine how we perceive colors.

A Color Primer
All Things Considered; Monday, August 25

What is color? Do colors looks the same to everyone? How many colors can humans see? NPR's Nell Greenfield Boyce looks at the neuroscience of how humans see colors and how we label them.

A Color Coded World
Morning Edition; Tuesday, August 26

From maps to pills, flags to fashion, our lives are organized by color.Color has the power to stimulate, repulse and soothe. Even our language has color -- "Green with envy," "Tickled pink." To kick-off our series, NPR's Elizabeth Blair looks at how and why we live in a color-coded world.

Blue I
Morning Edition; Thursday, August 28

Rae Bichell takes a look at why the color blue is so rare in nature.

Blue II
All Things Considered; Thursday, August 28

It may be rare in nature, but humans have gone to town with the color blue. NPR's Mandalit del Barco takes a deep dive into all things blue.

Black and White to Color
Morning Edition; Friday, August 29

Jed Devine is an acclaimed photographer who won a Guggenheim for his beautiful palladium prints. But after a lifetime working exclusively in black and white, he’s switched to color. NPR's Neda Ulaby reports.

Shirley Cards
All Things Considered; Friday, August 29

For years, photographers and filmmakers used a norm reference card for skin tones -- usually a picture of a white woman in a black dress and a white fur stole against a grey wall with primary colored objects. The first woman who posed for the picture was a Kodak employee named Shirley. NPR's Mandalit del Barco reports.

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