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WCMU Foodraiser

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According to Feeding America, “1 in 9 people and 1 in 8 children face hunger in Michigan. Though many of us may not realize the disparities that exist in our own communities, people face hunger in every county and congressional district in Michigan. We’re talking about our neighbors and kids in our children’s classrooms.”


Donate during the WCMU Foodraiser from November 16 to 20 and you will support news, conversations, music, and more that is vital to your community AND you can choose a special Thank You Gift - the 'Gift of Food'. The Feeding America food bank serving your area will distribute meals to those in need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the WCMU Foodraiser work?
A: When you make a contribution to WCMU during the WCMU Foodraiser, your donation will support the news, information and intriguing conversations you hear every day on WCMU. You will have the option to select "Gift of Food" as your thank-you gift. When you select a "Gift of Food" thank you gift, meals will be distributed to the food insecure by the Feeding America food bank serving your zip code. 
Q: How severe is the food insecurity problem in Michigan?
A: According to Feeding America, 1 in 9 people in Michigan face hunger, including 1 in 8 children. The organization reports it would cost almost $700 million annually to erase food insecurity in Michigan. You can learn more about hunger in Michigan here:
Q: How much do I need to donate to select a "Gift of Food" thank you gift?
A: Our "Gift of Food" thank-you gifts are available to people donating at least $60, which can be broken up into monthly installments of $5 per month. We have "Gift of Food" options at multiple giving levels, and depending on your donation amount, you can select multiple gifts of food.
Q: How many meals will my "Gift of Food" provide?
A: Below is a chart showing approximately how many meals your gift will provide to those in need. We say approximately because the amount of meals provided can vary slightly depending on the food bank that serves your area.

One-Time WCMU Gift AmountMonthly WCMU Sustainer AmountApproximate Number of Meals Provided

You can learn more about food insecurity in your community, including the costs food banks face when providing meals, at

Q: I live inside the WCMU listening area. Which food bank will receive my "Gift of Food?"

A: There are four Feeding America Food Banks serving the WCMU listening area. Your gift will be directed to the one serving your zip code:

Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, serving the eastern side of the state, including the northeast, Tri-Cities and Thumb, where a dollar can provide up to 6 meals.

Feeding America West Michigan, serving the western side of the Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula, where a dollar can provide up to 4 meals.

The Greater Lansing Food Bank, serving parts of mid-Michigan, where a dollar can provide up to 3 meals.

The Manna Food Project, serving Antrim, Charlevoix and Emmet counties, as a Partner Distribution Organization with Feeding America West Michigan.


Q: I live outside the WCMU listening area. Which food bank will receive my "Gift of Food?"

A: Listeners making a donation who live outside the main WCMU listening area will have their "Gift of Food" distributed evenly among our four partner food banks within the WCMU listening area.


Q: How can I be sure the food banks will use the thank-you gift for food?

A: All four of the food banks WCMU is working with are highly rated by Charity Navigator, an organization that rates the effectiveness of non-profit organizations. All organizations spend less than 11 cents of every dollar on things like administration and fundraising, and three of the four organizations spend less than 5 cents of every dollar on administration and fundraising. All other funds go towards addressing food insecurity in central and northern Michigan.


Q: How will WCMU use my donation?

A: Your donation to WCMU will support the programming you listen to every day: shows like Morning Edition, On Point, 1A, All Things Considered, Fresh Air, and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.  Your "Gift of Food" will equal 10 percent of your contribution to WCMU.


Q: How does selecting a "Gift of Food" thank you gift affect the tax-deductibility of my donation?

A: The amount that WCMU pays for the meals is the total fair market value of the gift you purchase, equaling 10 percent of your contribution. WCMU will send you a tax statement in the mail, which will indicate the amount of the donation that is eligible to be included as an itemized donation.

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