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Underwriting WCMU

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Our suite of TV, radio and online sponsorship opportunities delivers your message to a large, highly desirable audience — an audience that is more likely to support you because you support us.

  • Connect to an engaged and influential audience
  • Deliver your message throughout central and northern Michigan
  • Stand out in a clutter-free environment
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Enhance your corporate image
  • Receive customized service

To learn more about WCMU Public Media sponsorship, view the WCMU Media Kit

WCMU's underwriting team can help you design a program to meet your financial, marketing and philanthropic goals.

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Corporate Underwriting Representative
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Michael Johnson
Corporate Underwriting Representative

This is WCMU Public Media

As one of Central Michigan University’s principle public service commitments, WCMU Public Media has provided television and radio programming and other outreach activities for over 50 years to residents of 42 counties in Michigan and portions of Ontario. With four television and eight radio stations WCMU Public Media reaches over 2 million people.

WCMU Public Media Sponsorship Opportunities Include:

• WCMU Public Television
• WCMU PBS Kids 24/7
• WCMU Create TV

• WCMU Public Radio
• WCMU News & Talk

• WCMU Mobile App
• WCMU E-Newsletter

• WCMU's Program GUIDE
• Corporate Challenge Grants
• Special Events & Engagements
• Outreach

WCMU Public Television

WCMU Public Television reaches approximately 2,000,000 people in 40 counties.
The WCMU Public Television viewer is community oriented, educated and discerning and only watches television programs that don’t insult their intelligence. The strong PBS schedule features Nova, Frontline, Antiques Roadshow and Masterpiece to name a few and an award-winning children’s schedule that continues to begin the education of our youth.
WCMU Public Television is committed to being a community partner with local programming that also supports those ideals; Quiz Central, Ask The Specialists, Destination Michigan, Capitol Report and documentary specials continue our goal of providing programs that Educate, Inform, Entertain and Engage.

WCMU PBS Kids 24/7 Channel & Live Stream

The free service, which features 24/7 educational programming, ensures that PBS KIDS’ high-quality content is available to all children and caregivers on a platform and at a time that works for them, including primetime, weekends and other out-of-school times when they are most likely to tune in. The channel is available on TV and as a live stream on and on the free PBS KIDS Video App for mobile and tablet devices.

WCMU Create TV

The premier TV channel for how-to programming including; cooking, arts & crafts, gardening, home improvement, and travel.

WCMU Public Radio

Delivers NPR News and Local News and weather to listeners in 44 counties in Central and Northern Michigan. Each day WCMU Public Radio helps listeners stay informed through broadcasts from National Public Radio (NPR). Morning Edition, Fresh Air, All Things Considered, Weekend Edition and Weekend All Things Considered feature reports, analysis, commentaries, interviews and special features from around the world. Each reporter takes the amount of time needed to tell the whole story...not just skim over the details.
WCMU Public Radio attracts loyal listeners and supporters from all walks of life. They are highly educated, culturally passionate and concerned about the issues facing their community and the world at large.
From local news to our unique locally produced music programs; The Set List, Homespun, The Juke Joint, Destination Out, The Beat, Central Stage, Nightside Jazz & Blues and Mosaic WCMU Public Radio offers programs that Educate, Inform, Entertain and Engage.

WCMU News & Talk

WCMU Public Radio’s streaming service, “WCMU News and Talk,” offers an alternate all-talk schedule with shows like Fresh Air, This American Life and Radiolab.

WCMU Digital

WCMU Website

The website package is the perfect way for your business to be front and center for our viewers and listeners who utilize our website as part of their PBS/NPR experiences!

WCMU Mobile App

Your business can support our programming with a full screen underwriting visual plus a banner ad with a click through to your website.

WCMU E-Newsletter

Weekly? editions of the WCMU E-Newsletter keep 4,000,000 subscribers up to date on: What’s coming up on Radio, Special features on TV and upcoming WCMU Events

WCMU Public Media Program GUIDE

The WCMU monthly print Program Guide is a great way for your business to get the word out about upcoming events and to spotlight your business to over 14,000 WCMU Public Media Viewer and Listener homes each and every month!

Corporate Challenge Grants

WCMU Public Television and Radio earns your donation through meeting a challenge that we issue to our viewers and listeners during our fundraisers. We state that we need to receive a specific number of calls during your challenge grant. The intent is to motivate both new and renewal donors to join with your business in support of WCMU Public Television and Radio. Your business will get recognition and thanks on air by our local hosts during the program or evening that you are a challenge grant business.

Special Events & Engagement

Community Outreach

To request more information about becoming a WCMU Public Media corporate sponsor, please contact
Shannon French