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WCMU Public Media has thrived for more than five decades because of the generosity of individuals like you. 
We pride ourselves on providing quality programing that you have come to love and trust. 
When you include WCMU in your estate plans you help ensure that people of all ages will continue to have access to 
information and ideas that educate, inform, entertain and engage the communities we serve. 

How to Get Started 

There are many types of planned giving options. You can explore them here. By including WCMU in your estate plans, you can help ensure we can entertain, inspire, and educate people in Central and Northern Michigan for generations to come, and make our work a lasting part of your legacy.

How Will You Use My Gift? 

We highly encourage any donors who have included WCMU in their estate plans to fill out a letter of intent and return it to our office. The form truly is simple and having it completed is the best way to ensure we use your gift in the way you intend for it to be used. It allows us to stay organized, but by no means is a binding contract. Additionally, we’d welcome any documentation you’d also like to share with us. For example, the page from your estate plans that specifically mentions WCMU.

WCMU Public Media does not provide any legal or tax advice. All ideas presented should be discussed with your accountant, attorney, or other independent professional advisor.

Helpful Resources 
Inform us of your planned gift
This confidential form, called a letter of intent, will ensure your gift intentions are fulfilled.

Suggested bequest language
The language in this document outlines suggestions of how to include WCMU Public Media in your estate plans. 

Request free estate planning guide

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WCMU Public Media 
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Mount Pleasant, MI 48859 
Federal Tax ID: 38-6004447

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Alysha Pasquali
Strategic Philanthropy Director