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Become a WCMU Public Media Sustaining Member

You can be a sustaining member starting at just $5 a month. Imagine no renewal notices, more of your donation supporting programming, and increasing your impact on WCMU!



A WCMU Sustainer membership provides uninterrupted membership from one year to the next.
As a Sustaining Member, you will help to…

• Save tens of thousands of dollars in paper, postage, and administrative costs, by reducing letters
and phone calls from us.

• Help preserve precious resources and save the environment — especially if you opt for email
communications from us.

• Decrease the number of days of on-air membership drives — making more time for the
programs you love!


You’ll set the amount of the deductions from the account of your choice — we’ll simply keep your WCMU membership active, year after year, as long as your regular gifts continue. Become a WCMU Sustainer today.

Click the button below to become a Sustaining Member now


To learn more about WCMU Ongoing Giving, call 800-727-9268.  If your life changes, you can change or suspend your Sustaining membership payments at any time. All you have to do is call us or send an email to