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Linking Land and Lakes: Protecting Great Lakes’ Coastal Wetlands

The Great Lakes are under constant threat, and coastal wetlands are on the front lines. Follow the work of Great Lakes researchers as we travel 5,000 miles and talk to more than 40 experts on the vital role coastal wetlands play in keeping the Great Lakes healthy. Learn more about this small but mighty ecosystem and the importance of preserving them for future generations in “Linking Land and Lakes: Protecting Great Lakes’ Coastal Wetlands.”

Linking Land and Lakes - Preview

Linking Land and Lakes: Protecting the Great Lakes' Coastal Wetlands
Coming to WCMU Public Television October 16th, 2019

Meet the Filmmakers

Steve Smith - Producer

A 47-year broadcast journalism and communications professional, Smith has spent the past 18 months on this project. He also works on “Destination Michigan” and “Quiz Central.”

Matthew Ozanich - Videographer/Editor

Matt is the editor and photographer for “Linking Land and Lakes.” He's also a producer for the award-winning PBS program “Destination Michigan”.

Chris Ogozaly - Videographer

Chris has a passion for the collaborative process of local production and appreciates the opportunity to further the meaningful stories in our communities.

Adam Miedema- Videographer

Meet Adam, armed with a camera he helped capture the sights and sounds of this project.

Behind the Scenes